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Fly-In Volunteer Program

Become a SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In Volunteer!


Are you interested in volunteering for the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In?    Our event has a bunch of volunteer opportunities just waiting for you! 

What are your interests?  Do you like working with people, does working outside have an appeal?  Would working around aircraft or on the airshow team be a dream come true?  Are you a behind-the-scene kind of volunteer, do you like working with kids… is education your thing?  We even have a few jobs that come with air conditioning.  I bet we can find just the volunteer job for you… join us and have the time of your life!

Volunteering for the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In can be a very fulfilling experience.  A new fly-in volunteer follows in the footsteps and culture of those who shared an idea and who gave their blood, sweat and tears to bring their idea to life, a cause they came to love and nurture for years to come.  If you love aviation, love people who love aviation or just want to be a part of a great aviation experience, our fly-in is the place for you!

Our founders and the volunteers who followed would have never guessed the impact that today’s fly-in/convention has made and continues to make on the youth of today and tomorrow’s aviators.  This is your chance to give back to your aviation community by supporting our event and the education opportunities they provide.

Our fly-in/convention raises over $2 Million annually to provide flight and college scholarships and financial support to our Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) educational programs.  Students attending our onsite aviation-based high school, the Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA) can become a private pilot or earn their A&P Mechanic Certification through programs offered at CFAA and through our partnership with Traviss Career College before graduating.  We currently have over 60 young men and women who have become private pilots and over 18 who have earned their A&P Mechanic Certification.

As you can see, becoming a volunteer and supporting our efforts during our annual fly-in has a true impact in continuing the dream of flight and providing for aviation’s future generations.  We need you!

Once your application is received we will begin the placement process.  Chairmen who are in need of volunteers who meet with your desired volunteer goals will be provided your contact information.  Your volunteer efforts will be coordinated through a particular chairman and/or our Volunteer office.  Please contact Robin McFarland, Director of Volunteers – 863-904-4044 for more information.


Let’s get started, click here to apply to become an SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In Volunteer!

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