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Fly-In & Expo Volunteer Information

Fly-In Chairmen Info

Our Fly-In Volunteers are the life blood of the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo… and our year-round programs.  We appreciate what you do to make our efforts to Build a Brighter Future through Aviation a huge success!

Since 2012 ACE has supported the development of more teenage pilots, engineers, mechanics, and aerospace professionals than any other institution in the world.  With the support of SUN ‘n FUN and your volunteer efforts these young men and women not only benefit the aerospace community but ultimately will become the next generations leaders.  Thank you!

Are you a new volunteer and looking for a volunteer home at SUN ‘n FUN?  Click here to find out more and register!

Chairmen Operations Information

Chairmen, please use to obtain the forms or information you need to service your area of operation.    Although most information provided below is for chairman use, some of this information is provided so you may share it with your volunteers.

2018 Fly-In Area Org Chart
2018 Volunteer Handbook
Airport Safety Briefing (KLAL)
Camp Duffy Campground Information
Chairman Award Nomination
Chairman Award Recipients
Early Volunteer Camping Permit
FEB. 2018 Volunteer Meeting Slideshow
MAR. 2018 Volunteer Meeting Slideshow
Feb. 2018 Volunteer Meeting Video
Mar. 2018 Volunteer Meeting Video
Fly-In Chairman Meeting Registration
Fly-In Donation Information
Handicap Camping Request
Long Distance Code Request
Purchase Order Form for Approved Purchases
Sign Shop Order Form – Deadline March 14
Taildragger Party Tickets – Volunteers Only!
Vehicle Pass Definitions & Info
Volunteer Area Group Photo
Volunteer Area WiFi Request
Volunteer Camping Information
Volunteer Private Vehicle
Volunteer Staff T-Shirts (CLOSED)
Yellow Lot Map – Volunteer Parking
Lazy Days Ultimate
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Fly-In Volunteer T-Shirts

2018 Volunteer Staff T-Shirts

Grunt Style will be providing our complimentary 2018 SUN ‘n FUN Volunteer T-Shirts! SUN ‘n FUN will issue each volunteer a complimentary Volunteer Staff t-shirt who confirms their work schedule in time for a credential to be ordered and have also confirmed a t-shirt size with their chairman by Thursday, March 15.

Complimentary t-shirts will be provided to your chairman. Chairmen will be notified when t-shirts are ready for pickup and the location.  Not available for individual pick-up or by mail.

Additional volunteer t-shirts are available for purchase at a discounted price of $8.50. You will be required to supply your volunteer area number, chairman name or operational name in order to purchase. Purchases MUST be made by March 15, 2018.

Volunteer T-shirts ordered through this system will be picked up at the Grunt Style tent in the exhibit area next to the SUN ‘n FUN Administration office. They will collect payment for the shirts at their tent.

T-Shirt orders are Closed

Thank you for your volunteer service!

Chairmen & Volunteer Definitions

Chairman:    A chairman is a person who has accepted the overall responsibility for operations of a Fly-In area. This person is responsible for volunteer credential & equipment requests for their area. This person reports to the Convention Chairman.

Co-Chairman:   A co-chairman is a person who accepted the role of backup to a chairman of a Fly-In area. With the approval of the Convention Chairman, this person will become acting chairman in the event that the Chairman cannot fulfill his/her role prior or during the fly-in.

Div-Chairman:  A div-chairman is a person who accepted a chairmanship of an operation within a Fly-In area (i.e. office, parking, volunteers, hosting, etc.). This person reports to the chairman of their area and is not required to submit paperwork.

Div-Co-Chairman:  A div-co-chairman is a person who has accepted a co-chairmanship of an operation within a Fly-In area (i.e. office, parking, volunteers, hosting, etc.). This person reports to their Div-Chairman.

Weekly Volunteer:  A person who commits to work 4 days or more during the week of the convention. (Eligible for Complimentary camping after the first year)

Daily Volunteer:  A person who works 3 days or less during the week of the convention. (Not eligible for Complimentary camping)

New Volunteer:  A person who is a SUN ‘n FUN volunteer for the first time, not just new to your Fly-In area.   (Not eligible for Complimentary camping)