SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Venue Services


Please call our Events Logistics Manager at 863-904-4024 or email Debi Hobbs to book your event.

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Large gatherings such as company picnics and reunions usually require the services of a professional party planner. The categories below are normally handled by the planner. However, it is important that you discuss these areas with your planner as it may result in an extra charge to you if something is overlooked.


For parties over 500 people, a parking committee provided by client is required. Parking for parties over 100 people is not allowed near pavilion. Guests must park in designated areas only.


Trash management is important for all events. SUN ‘n FUN provides the necessary amount of garbage cans and a 10 yard dumpster. It is the responsibility of the client to remove trash and deposit it in the dumpster. If your event generates excessive trash, it will need to be hauled away after your event. SUN ‘n FUN’s dumpster must be able to close. It is the responsibility of the client to determine whether they will need additional dumpsters. In general, parties over 750 people require additional dumpsters to be rented by the client. Rented dumpsters left overnight on SUN ‘n FUN grounds will need to be covered or netted. Rented dumpsters cannot be left on SUN ‘n FUN grounds for more than two (2) days. Failure to act within these guidelines will result in the loss of the client’s security deposit.


Dispensing of alcoholic beverages is permitted on SUN ‘n FUN grounds. However, if your party will be selling alcohol, you must use a licensed liquor provider. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your security deposit. 


Any tent rentals and the placement of tents must be cleared with SUN ‘n FUN first. Tent stakes may not be driven into concrete or asphalt.


Equipment such as inflatables, dunk tanks, large stages and/or semi-trailer trucks must receive prior approval from SUN ‘n FUN before your contract is approved. Any equipment drawing excessive power must receive prior approval. SUN ‘n FUN may require client to supply their own generators. Contact Event Coordinator for details and pricing.


For events of 200 people or more, Porta-Pottie rental and appropriate hand washing stations are required. This is the responsibility of the client. Please consult with SUN ‘n FUN for placement of Porta-Potties.


Parties and events such as auctions, plays and reunions requiring extensive set-up, additional tables, displays, etc. may be required to pay an additional charge. Any event using more than fifty 72″ round or 8 foot rectangular tables will be charged $25 per table until the capacity of the room has been reached. Set up is available starting at 4:00 p.m. the evening prior to the event. Any additional set-up time will be charged $50 per hour as the hangar must be closed for business or its regular activities compromised. Clean up must be completed following the event by the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Any additional clean-up time will be charged $50 per hour as the hangar must be closed for business or its regular activities compromised.

Clean-up arrangements will vary depending on the type of event and must be prearranged with SUN ‘n FUN.  SUN ‘n FUN assumes responsibility for mopping floors and the removal of SUN ‘n FUN equipment and décor. Client assumes responsibilities for clean up and disposal of all event displays, confetti, ribbon, garland, banners and other décor on the floors, walls or tables plus any exterior décor. Rental company assumes responsibility for removal of tables, chairs and other rental equipment. Approved rental company – Taylor Rental – must be used for all equipment rentals. Any other arrangements for tables, chairs and equipment must be pre-approved by SUN ‘n FUN. Client assumes responsibility for timely removal of non-SUN ‘n FUN equipment by 9:00 a.m. the day following the event.

For more information, or to book your event, please call our Events Logistics Manager at 863-904-4024 or email Debi Hobbs

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