SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Southwest Soars with ACE

We are pleased to announce that Southwest Airlines®, the nation’s largest domestic carrier, has partnered with The Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) and SUN ‘n FUN to help further educational opportunities for young men and women.

Southwest Airlines’ emphasis on safety, reliability, and customer service has made it one of the world’s most successful brands. Southwest values employee culture and empowerment, rooted in living and working the “Southwest Way.” Their Employees embody a Warrior’s Spirit, Servant’s Heart, and Fun-LUVing Attitude, the values we wish to instill in our students and staff. We are proud to welcome them to our growing family of leading aerospace companies that help us “Engage, Educate, and Accelerate the Next Generation of Aerospace Professionals.”