SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Opportunities

This is not an all inclusive list.  Sponsor benefits will be customized to each sponsor’s needs.



The Presenting Sponsor of SUN ‘n FUN has equal billing with this iconic event, and your branding and message will be promoted as the premiere facilitator that helps bring this mega-convention to life.

Our presenting sponsor will have logo/branding presence in all promotional and marketing materials produced, including event advertising, official apparel, onsite promotion, live television streaming, and much, much more. The presenting sponsor will have exclusive access to all areas, and our team will work with yours to customize all the details of your investment to ensure complete coverage and success. This ultimate position boasts millions of marketing impressions and dynamic access to data collection, social media interaction, and all of today’s top marketing methods.





SUN ‘n FUN is an iconic event, with iconic facilities and landmarks literally everywhere. Many are even part of our “navigational culture”, like the Warbird Ramp, Thunder Alley, The Sunset Grille, and more. Phillips 66 Plaza is just one example of how your brand can be associated with one of our heavily populated locations. Every time someone says the name, they are promoting your brand! The locations are branded on all of our maps and descriptions, so your coverage is guaranteed to have maximum impact across all of our printed, digital, and mobile application products.


Camping at SUN ‘n FUN gives our guests the opportunity for a whole new experience during the week of the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo. After spending your days enjoying all things aviation, spend the evening enjoying entertainment, corn on the cob at the Corn Roast, nightly camaraderie at the Fire Hub or by your camper getting to know new friends with your same interests! Enjoy a nightly movie at “ACES’ Fly-In Flix” on a huge screen under the grand old oaks near Camp Duffy. Sponsorship of this area boasts the opportunity to place your company on one of SUN ‘n FUN’s signature venues, where your branding and message will be seen by thousands of camping guests.


Experience the ultimate high-flying acts as aircrafts from all areas showcase their talent and capabilities. From breathtaking, high energy gyroscopic displays to Warbirds and formation aerobatics, it’s all here at SUN ‘n FUN’s daily signature entertainment feature. As the sponsor, your logo will be displayed on our website, Jumbotrons, and all other media promoting the shows, as well as heavily mentioned and recognized throughout the days’ performance.


Look to the sky!!  On Wednesday and Saturday evening, experience the grand finale to your day with our spectacular night airshow.  Enjoy watching the world’s top air show performers blaze through the sky with their breathtaking, aerobatic maneuvers adding brilliant shimmer, flashes of fire, smoke and bright light for your viewing pleasure. Our Pyrotechnics will impress our crowds, followed by a booming fireworks display illuminating the night, inspiring young and old alike. And, new for 2019, we are proud to feature the first Drone Light Show in the Southeast!

OFFICIAL SUN ‘n FUN MOBILE APP – Presenting Sponsor 
Need to find your way around the thousands of exhibits, programs, displays, activities and events during SUN ‘n FUN? There’s an app for that! SUN ‘n FUN’s Mobile App, powered by Motorverse Live, is a convenient, pocket size resource that packs all that information into one light, easy to use mobile application for your smartphone or mobile device. Your company’s logo will appear right on the opening page, and there are numerous ways to engage this audience once they log on. There are contests, “treasure hunts”, and other consumer-engagement opportunities that all lead client right to your website, exhibit, or branded activity. Contact/Data capture and retention are part of the package, so if your company thrives in the data-driven 21st century digital space, then this is a can’t miss opportunity!


Our VIP guests enjoy their time at SUN ‘n FUN in our exclusive, chic chalet featuring delectable meals to satisfy your appetite, created by world-renowned, award-winning Chef Marcos.  A Sunday Champagne Brunch, a relaxing, daily happy hour, access to convenient VIP parking and transportation and the best location for viewing the airshow on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus are all part of this exclusive venue. Over 500 people attend daily, and your brand will be associated with the most upscale experience SUN ‘n FUN has to offer as you network with an A-list crowd!


Be the official sponsor of The ACE Ambassador Flight Deck featuring a private, comfortable lounge and outdoor seating area perfect for relaxing, networking, entertaining guests and enjoy daily events with fellow donors and VIPs. Our Flight Deck also offers concierge services via onsite hosts available to assist with transportation throughout the campus, reservations, scheduling, information and more.  Admittance into this exclusive chalet is not for sale, rather it is there to thank our donors and sponsors who have given over $10,000 in support over the past year. Your sponsorship ensures you are associated and have an audience with SUN ‘n FUN’s most prominent supporters!


Take advantage of this sponsorship opportunity where International travelers, expected to arrive from more than 80 countries, find a piece of home at our International Visitors Welcome Tent.  Ambassadors of the International Tent can assist International guests with their personal needs.  Brand our International Visitors Tent and International Party for 800 international guests with your company logo and message.


Want a private, VIP “home base” for SUN ‘n FUN?  MYBOX is your personal, modular, affordable, private event space! These unique modules are arranged in a social environment giving individual companies the convenience of a pre-set space but also the freedom to create their own personalized event. Here are just a few of the amenities these spaces can feature:

  • Sky Deck – The perfect, furnished vantage point to watch the airshow from ABOVE THE CROWD!
  • Tables and chairs for up to 30
  • VIP Environment – Customized, branded space for your clients
  • Community Bar – A dedicated MYBOX unit for serving refreshments & beverages inside the VIP area
  • Customized Signage – your brand represented inside and out of your Box
  • Generator Service – Power provided for the entire event
  • TV and Wifi (Portable)


Promote your company’s brand in our Preferred Seating venue, located on the flight line at Show Center in front of the Announcer’s Stand.  Thousands of daily guests throughout the week enjoy upgraded amenities of shaded seating, secure package storage, complimentary water, and monitored air-conditioned restrooms.  This venue is prominently located in a high foot-traffic area, enabling your brand to be seen by those that have purchased the upgraded access as well as those attending the event. Creative means to activate your brand are encouraged.


In the heart of the Fly-In core area is “the” place to find Florida hospitality, good food and drink, and great hangar flying.  Open until 10 p.m. nightly, the Grill serves three meals a day and features live entertainment.  A steel drum band kicks off the evening as the airshow ends, and then a different act will take the stage nightly as the sun sets and the stars come out. Everyone has to eat, and where people gather to refresh and recharge is a great place to promote your company!


Located by the main gate, our Veterans Plaza celebrates the legacy of our military heroes from the past and present.  Our Veterans Plaza offers a welcome tent, military displays, VA and Veteran services, and other items that serve those who serve. War reenactors demonstrate the skills and stories of those who have fought for our freedom, and there is even live entertainment Friday and Saturday.  If your company is connected to veterans or has a mission to support them, this is the location to proudly show that support with your brand and message displayed to thousands of military members and their families.


Receive recognition and increase brand awareness by being our exclusive sponsor of our Wi-Fi. Individuals are more apt to engage with a brand, promote a service, or purchase a product after being provided a much-sought-after service like Wi-Fi. Your company can be part of that experience by creating a presence alongside SUN ‘n FUN on your own branded splash page where your company can execute marketing campaigns and advertise your brand using an image or a video ad.

SILVER LEVEL: $10K up to $25K


Our two-story announcer’s stand is in the heart of the SUN ‘n FUN viewing area. Expert commentary is given from here on every flying activity we have, so it is a major focal point. Excellent banner placement opportunities abound from this nerve center of our operations, and your message can also be broadcast frequently over our premium speaker network on the grounds. It’s one of our best opportunities for high-profile visibility from the landmark Roscoe Morton Announcer’s Stand!


Dawn on Saturday morning greets the magical sight of over 50 hot air balloons lifting off in a colorful symphony of flight.  Sponsorship of this event offers an opportunity for one sponsor representative to fly in a balloon during the race and another to join the airshow announcer for liftoff narration.  Sponsor would receive additional recognition with all related advertising, plus an invitation to the balloon luncheon following the race.

In SUN ‘n FUN’s 1000-site campground, campers need supplies, and we have just the place – our own SUN ‘n FUN Country Store! Branding opportunities abound at this major junction in our camping complex. Beer and ice, toilet paper, sundries, and other supplies are here, along with daily activity postings and message boards. This site is well advertised and heavily used, so your brand or product can literally be carried out with every purchase.


Show off your aircraft in flight! This is an opportunity for manufacturers and individuals to display their aircraft in the air in the Fly-By pattern at show center while having it described over the public address system. The Fly-By Showcase is one of our most popular attractions and is a great opportunity to promote your product or company to a true buying audience.

Walking the grounds of SUN ‘n FUN can really work up an appetite and our guests are always looking for a tasty bite to eat and a cool drink.  Tens of thousands of them find it in our Food Court and Sunset Grill Café.  This sponsorship offers excellent visibility by placing your company name and logo in the food court area and scene by all visitors.

Our aviation themed Kid Zone and Mobile Mountain brings out the kid in everyone!  The Kid Zone sponsor’s is displayed at the entrance to this popular venue, and also on our printable maps and website.  We have exciting items such as a rock wall, zip lines, Quad Jump, Rock Wall, Space Shuttle Slide, UFO Bouncer, Obstacle Course and a Combat Trainer.  If connecting with families is your goal, the Kid Zone is your target audience.

SUN ‘n FUN’s Media Center is the communications hub for over 500 registered journalists from more than 80 countries. Daily press conferences are held here, and your brand can be displayed in all references to this critical nerve center. Step and repeat backdrops for photos, lectern and presentation logos and dedicated press conferences are just some of the numerous other opportunities to connect with SUN ‘n FUN’s local, national, and global audiences.

Sooner or later, everyone needs a little help. From sunburns to dehydration to mild scrapes and bruises, the SUN ‘n FUN Medical Hospitality team is ready to assist! Located right inside our main entrance, this facility is prime display space and offers excellent brand representation.

When pilots arrive, they are greeted by the smiling faces of our Mobile Registration team. These fine volunteers interface with almost every arriving pilot, and present them with a bottle of water, a gift bag, and most importantly, a ride! Sponsorship is available for collateral distribution, marketing on the courtesy vehicles, as well as branding on the gift bags.

LSA and Ultralights are the grass roots of aviation these days, and thousands gather in Paradise City to chat with owners and exhibitors, learn about new topics and products, and watch the ongoing flight demonstrations of these fun, economic aircraft. Numerous opportunities are available to market to thousands of Light Plane enthusiasts in this highly popular corner of SUN ‘n FUN.

SUN ‘n FUN was born as and continues to be a Fly-In. You can land and literally walk right in to one of the world’s most famous aviation venues. Arriving pilots are often in need of information about transportation, lodging, flight prep, and other services, and the SUN ‘n FUN Pilot Welcome Center is the place to find it all. Charging stations, weather, and other services are here, and participating sponsors can engage personally with most of our flying audience in one central location.

3,500 walking billboards, with your brand featured prominently as an Official SUN ‘n FUN Sponsor! Not only does your logo get primary viewing during SUN ‘n FUN, but these collectibles go out to every corner of the world and are worn proudly for years by our volunteers. Sightings have been reported as far away as Europe!

Learn to build a frame, cover wings with fabric, weld, glue, press, fabricate metal… just about anything in SUN ‘n FUN’s workshops. These focused venues are the heart of SUN ‘n FUN’s activity-based draw, and are attended by thousands every year. This is a perfect location to promote your brand and distribute marketing collateral and samples.

BRONZE: $5K up to $10K

Under the trees, relaxing in a lawn chair, and taking in a big-screen outdoor movie. What better way to end a fantastic day at SUN ‘n FUN?  That’s where your brand can be showcased nightly to hundreds of overnight campers in the SUN ‘n FUN Campground. Your sponsorship provides logo inclusion and messaging on the screen prior to each movie, and distribution rights to the audience for marketing collateral and samples.

Be the official sponsor of the Ladies Pavilion at SUN ‘n FUN! Every year, we plan a fun-filled week of activities, product displays, and featured events designed just for women. Kitchen product demos, pampered chef parties, and culinary samplings are all part of the lineup. If your product or service is a draw for the ladies, then placing your brand on the Ladies Pavilion is a sure winner!

If B to B is one of your objectives while at SUN ‘n FUN, there is no better place to activate than by feeding your fellow sponsors. A hot, top-quality lunch is served daily to all of SUN ‘n FUN’s partners in this air-conditioned, lounge setting. Space is provided for a display, and your marketing collateral can be placed on the tables daily.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or long time SUN ‘n FUN guest, there is never enough time to take in all the activities at the fly-in. And, did you ever try to read a program book and walk? We have the solution—SUN ‘n FUN Radio! SUN ‘n FUN Radio Broadcasts locally on 1510 AM & audio streams worldwide on Tune in to hear our RadioActive volunteer announcers and reporters bring you interviews with a variety of interesting pilots, builders, exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers, as well as weather updates and major news stories. We also broadcast the daily airshow commentary & select evening programs. Blast your brand to the airwaves on SUN ‘n FUN Radio!

At the conclusion of the week-long SUN ‘n FUN extravaganza, the weary gather for a big celebration! The Taildragger’s Party is just that – a party to thank all the volunteers for their hard work in bringing our event to life. Over 1000 of our dedicated volunteer family are served one last hot meal by the SUN ‘n FUN staff and board before returning to their homes to await next year. Common sponsored items are tableware, food, gift bags, and other items.

Daily warbird discussion in a dedicated theater setting on the Warbird Ramp with a notable military aircraft and speaker.  Be a part of history and those who love it!

Daily vintage aircraft discussion with notable aircraft and speaker. Featured aircraft from aviation’s Golden Age and commentary from experts who know them best are the draw for this popular setting in our gorgeous Vintage Aircraft area.

Walking the expansive grounds of our Fly-In can really make our attendees thirsty and in need of a refreshing cold drink.  Capture your potential customers’ interest on a bottle of water with your company logo proudly displayed on it.   Our bottled water is distributed to all of our exclusive areas and is available for purchase to over 200,000 guests. The label is customized to showcase your support SUN ‘n FUN as well as your specific branding. Everyone with a bottle of this airshow staple will be displaying your logo – what a great messenger!


Specific sponsorship level benefits may include:

  • Your name and logo on signage, in the program book, and our website
  • Hospitality opportunities
  • Priority or preferred access to the best exhibit spaces available
  • Air-conditioned sponsor lounge including complimentary daily lunch
  • Day of Choice Admission passes for guests
  • Business name in radio and television advertisements
  • Exclusive use of golf carts for the entire event with company name signage
  • Access to the Air Show Performers’ Tent
  • Company banners in high visibility locations on site
  • Website links and social media coverage
  • Additional benefits custom fit to maximize company return on investment


Becoming an official product or service of SUN ’n FUN gives you the right to associate, advertise and publicize your brand with ours for an entire year, and in some cases exclusivity in your category. It also brings significant brand visibility before and during the event, with on site sponsor signage, web logo hotlink, Program Book logo recognition, and inclusion in specific publications, brochures and publicity.

Some of our Official Sponsorship product and service categories appear below. Sponsorships range from $25,000 up, and may require a multi-year commitment. Some sponsorships may be partially fulfilled with in-kind products and services. Please contact us to ascertain whether your category is available, or can be added. We will be happy to provide a formal proposal for your consideration.

Automobile / Truck
Aviation Fuel
Breakfast Cereal
Camera/Video Camera
Carbonated Beverage
Cellular Carrier
Cell Phone
Consumer Electronics
Credit Card
Dairy/Ice Cream
Department Store
Discount Retailer
Food & Drug Center
Golf Cart
Health Care
Home Improvement Retailer
Internet Provider
Long Distance Carrier
Photo Finisher
Radio (two-way)
Radio Station
Rental Car
Sandwich/Quick Service Restaurant
Snack Chip/Cracker
Travel Gear
TV/Cable Network

This is only a partial list of potential opportunities. Co-sponsorship of many areas and activities are also available at various levels. SUN ’n FUN is pleased to explore many other sponsorship ideas to meet a prospective sponsor’s goals. For more information contact Malonie Ayers at 863-640-0009 (cell) 863-644-2431 or

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