SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Location & Map

ATTENTION:  All Splash-In activities including the Awards Dinner scheduled for Thursday night have been CANCELLED.  Safety issues – HIGH WATER LAKE CONDITIONS AT LAKE AGNES.  TheSaturday night BBQ on KLAL is still happening and tickets are still available online.

Welcome to SUN ‘n FUN’s Splash-In @ Fantasy of Flight on Lake Agnes

Who needs a runway? Join us at the SUN ‘n FUN Splash-In to learn about life on water and all that it has to offer!  Beautiful Lake Agnes located at Fantasy of Flight will be the scene for this “fly-in within a fly-in!” And if just the spectacle of water take-offs and landings were not enough, you’ll be treated to competition flying including water-bombing and spot landing! Like other types of aircraft, seaplanes come in many forms and sizes.

Join us Thursday, April 23 at Fantasy of Flight, just a short trip from the SUN ‘n FUN campus for a great day of splash-in fun!

Click here for a Flight Pattern Map

Click here for a directional site map at the Splash-In location

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