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SUN ‘n FUN / Bahamas Fly-Out!

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Join us for the 1st Annual Fly-Out from SUN ‘n FUN to The Islands of The Bahamas!

This will be an adventure like no other – joining your friends in your own plane for a trip to The Bahamas! On April 7th, 2019 this annual exclusive excursion will begin from Show Center at the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo. From Lakeland Linder International Airport, you will fly directly to the West End Airport (MYGW) on Grand Bahama Island, where special landing arrangements have been made. You’ll pass through the quick and easy Bahamas Customs process, then be valet driven less than 5 minutes over to the Old Bahama Bay Resort and Marina. You’ll check in, be shown to your room, then join your friends on the beach for a televised broadcast back to the airshow audience at SUN ‘n FUN! You’ll smile and wave, enjoy your drinks and bare feet in the sand while thousands jealously watch live back at SUN ‘n FUN and around the world on LIVE AIRSHOW TV!

Your adventure will begin at SUN ‘n FUN, where your $200 registration* will include:

  • Priority aircraft parking placement at SUN ‘n FUN
  • Exclusive T-Shirt for your trip (2 per registration)

  • Tickets for 2 to an exclusive, private reception with Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Officials on Saturday, April 6th
  • Upgraded, Preferred Seating for 2 for the Saturday Night Airshow
  • Personal flight planning assistance for your trip (eAPIS, weather, airport procedures, etc.)
  • Featured group departure just prior to Sunday Airshow during SUN ‘n FUN
  • Bahamas Beach Bash welcome reception in The Bahamas
  • Access to preferred hotel reservations for your trip

And that’s just the beginning of your adventure! You’ll have the opportunity to customize your trip with:

  • Island Hopping
  • Out Islands Beach Resorts
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • More!

*additional persons in your group may be added for an additional fee

Partnering With:

Ready to relax? Ready for adventure? You can have it all! The Islands of the Bahamas is your getaway from it all in the world’s most exciting island paradise. From towering, exotic hotels to secluded island paradise, your trip to The Bahamas can be anything you want it to be. Get wet snorkeling or scuba diving, pursue the elusive trophy Bonefish, or just sit by the ocean, lazily tumbling your ice until you’re ready for your next cocktail.

Flying to The Bahamas in your own plane gives you all that, plus the freedom to change gears and visit multiple islands, even on the same day! What are you waiting for? Join us for the 1st Annual SUN ‘n FUN Bahamas Fly-Out and discover a world for you and your airplane to visit any time of year!

Our Air Route:

  • KLAL – Depart Lakeland International Airport around noon on April 7th, 2019
  • MYGW – 197 nm, West End International Airport – Land, get C7A stamped, Clear Customs. NOTE: NO FUEL AVAILABLE AT THIS FIELD.
  • NOTE: LANDING PERMIT REQUIRED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL at MYGW! There are specific instructions for utilizing this private airport. SUN ‘n FUN will make the prior arrangements for you for this trip. The landing fee will be $50 per aircraft.
For reference, please click the image below to review our “Flying to the Bahamas” presentation for procedures and links to all required documents. It’s easy!