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Publications to Get “Direct & Unfiltered” SUN ‘n FUN News, all in One Place

SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo has again made an arrangement to have its Exhibitors’ news and show announcements available to the press and the public in one convenient, reliable place:

This service allows you to put your press releases in one spot, where the media will go to pick them up. (The public is also invited, but is designed specifically to be a direct feed to media.) The service is totally free to SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo exhibitors and worldwide media. Exhibitors will have access to’s service until April 15, 2016. Posts will remain on the site for at least one year (except posts that specifically require direct show-time contact, like “Come to our booth and get a free hat.” Such show-specific posts will be purged after the show.) You will receive your ID and password in a separate email later this month. Please watch for them, and keep them safe.

Don’t forget to pass your ID and password to the relevant person – during show times, many crews are split; make sure the person how needs to know, knows.

In accordance with the “Direct & Unfiltered” policy of, all entries will be posted by the exhibitors, and your text will not be edited, annotated or changed in any way. Exactly what you say is immediately available to the press, exactly the way you want it said; then each media outlet can take it to its own audience.

Since all materials are managed by you, the Exhibitors, all media inquiries (for additional information, high-resolution graphics, etc.) will come directly to you. That way, you’ll know who’s interested, and you can furnish specific publications with the specific additional information that’s particularly useful to them.

Thank you!


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