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Media Information


Media Credentials Requirements


Please read through these terms and conditions carefully as some requirements have changed. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions listed on this form will result in the denial of credentials for the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus in Lakeland, FL. Before requesting credentials, please review our credential requirements on this page. Please remember that SUN ‘n FUN is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and all proceeds from all events are returned to STEM education programs, activities and facilities. Failure to familiarize yourself with this policy may delay the processing of your request for credentials.

Online Registration

Pre-registration is required. Please submit your request using the form on this website. Applications must include arrival date, job title and unique e-mail address of each individual for whom credentials are requested. If the individual requesting the credentials is attending the event, he/she should be listed as Name #1. The first person on the list attending the event will be the contact for all representatives from the media outlet in case of an emergency and a cell phone number is requested for that purpose.

The number of media credentials issued to each media outlet will be limited to a reasonable number at the discretion of SUN ʼn FUN.
• Video/Film crews – limit 4 crew and 2 talent
• Radio or Podcast crews – limit 2 crew and 2 talent
• Print or Internet media – limit 1 photographer and 1 reporter

Any personnel over that limit will be subject to regular admission prices. Exceptions may be made by sending an e-mail explanation of the need to 

SUN ʼn FUN reserves the right to require additional information and may approve or reject credential requests at its discretion. Included in the form again this year is a request for a hyperlink to prior coverage of the SUN ‘n FUN event. This section of the form MUST be completed, or SUN ‘n FUN holds the right to deny credentials. 

Blog administrators, writers, bloggers, podcast sites or social media publishers will not be considered for media credentials unless proper documentation of the site’s history can be provided. Such documentation includes established period of existence, traffic/subscriber data, and previous coverage of aviation or SNF events. If outlet is social-media-only, follower data (minimum 15,000 followers on all channels combined) may be submitted in lieu of traffic data.

SUN ‘n FUN will consider media credential requests from individuals who help promote our events on their media-based websites or social media. (As a 501(c)(3), your contribution to SUN ‘n FUN can be considered a donation and we will pass any request from your company to our finance department for proper acknowledgement.)

Photographers – each photographer assigned by a qualifying media outlet is entitled to one media credential for themselves. The request must be sent from the media outlet – not the individual photographer. No assistants or other crew members are eligible for credentials. (Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.) Airshow Performers are allowed one (1) media credential for a photographer identified by a team/individual performer.

As we review entries on our website, we will be looking for verification shown above.

Our ability to verify the status of qualified working press at the start of the event is limited, and may result in the denial of credential requests. In that case, you have the option to purchase daily and/or weekly tickets, but will not be granted access to the SUN ’n FUN Media Center. (Note: Press IDs from organizations that charge a fee for the ID are not sufficient for media credentials.)

By accepting media credentials, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of SUN ’n FUN’s broadcast, film, video, trademark and copyright policies, and further understand that the issuance of the SUN ‘n FUN Media Credential and admission to the SUN ’n FUN campus is conditional upon your acceptance of the policies.

Any personnel over that limit will be subject to regular admission rates.

Registered media representative e-mail addresses are collected for the purpose of forwarding news updates and press releases from SUN ʼn FUN throughout the year. This list will not be shared with exhibitors, sponsors, vendors or event guests.


Working Media
SUN ʼn FUN media credentials are for working media representatives only. Media credentials will not be issued to family members, friends, children or those working in marketing, advertising, promotions or sales. Company executives, management personnel, or corporate officers do not qualify for media credentials.

Print and Broadcast
Print and Broadcast Outlets that have not covered SUN ʼn FUN within the past two years will be required to meet the print/broadcast requirements. Again, pre-registration is required since at show site we will not be able to verify the above in a timely manner.

Video/Film Production Crews
Film/production (non-news) must be pre-approved by the SUN ʼn FUN Communications Coordinator before receiving credentials. In most cases a separate licensing agreement must be negotiated and the appropriate fee paid. Licensing agreements must be negotiated and completed within 30 days of the event and will not be issued onsite. For additional information contact 

ALL photographers will be on assignment from a publication or website (with an assignment letter and outlet credential) OR they will be identified as the sole photographer by an airshow performer. All other freelance and amateur photographers are welcome to buy tickets for the week and pay for entry to a dedicated area for amateur/professional photographers that is set aside and available to any guest on the complex. If photographers are not credentialed with a media pass and vest, they will not be admitted to the official media towers/areas. Photographers shooting for stock houses, resale and other commercial purposes will not be credentialed. Photographers will be issued credentials for editorial shooting only. Please read SUN ’n FUN’s photo and copyright/trademark policy.

Social Media, Websites and Digital Newsletters
Given the proliferation of websites and digital newsletters, SUN ʼn FUN does not automatically recognize websites and on-line newsletters as working media outlets for the purposes of qualifying for media credentials. We understand that many newsletters, websites and bloggers are distributing information to club members and/or the general public and may benefit from interaction with exhibitors and vendors. We are unable to issue media credentials to every digital site or publication. A representative of these organizations may request credentials via the online application and SUN ʼn FUN will authorize credentials on a case-by-case basis based on the information given at the beginning of these instructions.

Student Projects
Student communication studies, videography or similar groups will be considered for credentials for one day of the event. A formal request from the instructor with an outline of the project, names of students, and, ultimately, the final product should be sent to  

SUN ‘n FUN Media Center

We are pleased to announce that we once again will be able to utilize the Tom Davis Center as the Nikon Media Center for the 43rd Annual SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo. This year hospitality and media on-site transportation will again be ramped up compliments of Aspen Avionics. Aspen has played a significant role in making the grounds more accessible to media reps along with continental breakfasts and golf carts to facilitate the logistical needs of the media. Hospitality, press conferences, and media workrooms will be available in the Nikon Media Center. Nikon equipment and repair will be located again this year at the flightline near preferred seating in the base of the Roscoe Morton Announcers’ Stand.

There will be no access to the second floor of the old airshow announcer stand. There are, however, three (3) locations where credentialed photographers may be escorted, if registered, and they must be in receipt of a NIKON vest to access the photo stand. The photo area by preferred seating is available for an additional fee.

Several possibilities for media flights will be made available and can be reserved in the media center.

We know this facility better serves the needs and comfort of an increased number of media representatives working at SUN ‘n FUN. While the center offers a more spacious facility, it remains reserved for those with SUN ʼn FUN media credentials only and press conference representatives. We strive to maintain a professional working atmosphere reserved for credentialed media representatives. Please note: guests, family, friends, or other company personnel of any credentialed media representative will not be admitted to the building or the center’s outside facilities. Media breakfasts, lunches, and receptions are sponsored events and are reserved for the working media representative only, unless otherwise advised.

The building and golf cart hours each day will be from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The morning briefing by John R. “Lites” Leenhouts, President and CEO and Bob Knight, Chairman of the Board during the Aspen Avionics Continental Breakfast will be held on the back porch at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday with special guests.

International journalists are encouraged to register in the International Hospitality Tent.

If you meet the requirements above you may pre-register on the credentials request form page.

For more information, please contact or 863-644-2431.

Mailing address:
4175 Medulla Road
Attn:  Communications & Media Center
Lakeland, FL  33811