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Flying In?


Arrival Procedures

Lakeland Airport’s Control Tower will operate 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

However, the airport is closed after 7:30 pm. EDT.

The field is also closed during the daily airshow:

2:30 MP-5:30 H mardi, Wednesday
12:00 MP-5:00 H le jeudi (Arrivée des Blue Angels et pratique)
1:30 MP-5:30 PM, vendredi, Saturday, Sunday

Check NOTAM informations sur le trafic aérien et procédures. Tune to ATIS frequency 118.025 upon arrival for update.

Le dernier numéro de la 2017 SUN ' n FUN NOTAM est disponible.


Aircraft Parking

If you are flying to Lakeland (LAL), display a sign in your window indicating your tie-down area by using one of the abbreviations below:

Click below for printable Aircraft Parking Signs.

  • GAC – General Aircraft Camping
  • GAP – General Aircraft Parking
  • HB / HBC – Homebuilt /Homebuilt Camping
  • HC – Handicapped
  • ONC – Overnight Aircraft Camping
  • SP – Seaplane Parking
  • VAC – Vintage Aircraft Camping/Parking
  • WB – Warbird Parking
  • YAC – Avion de jeunesse Camping

Your sign should have a light color background with dark six inch letters that can be seen 50 feet away. NOTE: S'il vous plaît ne pas utiliser une tablette électronique pour votre signe! Les écrans sont polarisées et iront noirs vu à travers la plupart couvert de cockpit.

Only aircraft built from 1970 ou plus tôt sont autorisés au parc ou camper dans le stationnement d’avions Vintage.

Local Airport Directory

We appreciate the event support we receive from our surrounding airport communities. Many of these airports provide SUN ‘n FUN ticket sales, rental car services and shuttles to and from SUN ‘n FUN.

Click Here for a printable PDF file containing the Local Area Airport Directory.


deeplinkmapPlease click here or on the logo to the left to complete your online car rental reservation, or you may make you reservation by phone:

Lakeland Branch Office: 863-647-0866 – Option #4

SUN ‘n FUN account code is: XZ42H23

Enterprise Car Rental’s onsite office will be located on the southside of Doolittle Road, just south of the Onsite Tram Depot and SUN ‘n FUN Drive.

Hours: TBA

SUN ‘ n FUN pilote Welcome Center

SUN ' n FUN est heureux de vous proposer notre pilote Welcome Center, présentée par Phillips 66, Situé en face de la voie de circulation Foxtrot du bâtiment d’accueil Vintage. Cette installation offrira à internet sans fil gratuit (le mot de passe change tous les jours, donc n’oubliez pas de vérifier le Bureau pour le nouveau!), flight planning facilities, and other flight related services. N’oubliez pas de visiter et de profiter de ce nouveau service tout en découvrant les produits et services Phillips 66 a à offrir. Hours: 8am – 6:30 PM daily. Flight planning and self-serve weather services available all day.

Share A Flight

Please use the forum below to request a passenger or seat for a flight coming to or leaving from SUN ‘n FUN.

This flight forum is provided to our guests strictly as a resource to locate passengers or available flights/seats who’s destination is SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In. SUN ‘n FUN does not endorse or recommend any pilot or aircraft and any agreement completed, written or verbal, is between the aircraft owner, pilot and/or passenger only. This listing is provided as “Information Only”!

Posts will be reviewed for approval before they are posted to this site. Your post will not appear immediately. Thank you!

CLICK HERE for our Flight Announcement Forum.

CLICK HERE for our Flight Request Forum.

Aircraft Fuel and Petroleum Safety Tips

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established stringent regulations for the routine handling, disposal and/or accidental release (spills) of aircraft fuel and other petroleum based products – complete with significant fines/penalties for non-compliance.

As Sun ‘n Fun’s compliance partner, A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure’s trained personnel are on site and ready to mobilize should there be a fuel or other contaminant release. In this official role, A-C-T will work, cooperatively, with aircraft owners, local first responder agencies, SUN ‘n FUN and the various regulatory agencies to ensure safety and compliance with all environmental and health regulations.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT…aircraft owners are financially responsible (and will be billed) for any environmental issues created by their aircraft. This includes accidental spills regardless of the cause [e.g. owner or operator negligence, vandalism, act of nature (tornado), etc.]

Pour vous assurer la meilleure expérience possible, SUN ' n FUN vous propose ces conseils de sécurité et les meilleures pratiques pour prévenir les déversements accidentels et minimiser les obligations financières:

1. Secure (tie down) aircraft in anticipation of adverse weather including strong gusting winds.

2. Make sure aircraft is on level ground. If not, adjust fuel levels or plug fuel tank vents to prevent leaks.

3. Be careful when fueling aircraft. Over-fueling often causes fuel to run onto the ground and accumulations equate to contamination.

4. When checking aircraft fuel levels, do not dump sumped fuel on the ground.

5. Place pans under any leaking fuel or oil from aircraft.

6. Properly dispose of surplus fuels (sumped fuel and/or fuel collected from leaks)

7. If a spill occurs, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to a SUN ‘n FUN volunteer. This is critically important because trained environmental emergency responders can minimize negative impacts with early intervention!

Remember, A-C-T stands ready to be your compliance partner. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 800.226.0911. To learn more about A-C-T’s expertise and capabilities, see . Nous sommes là pour aider à faire votre SUN ' n FUN expérience agréable du début à la fin. Happy take-offs and landings!