SUN ' n FUN Fly-In int ' l Expo - April 10 - 15, 2018 - Achat de billets aujourd'hui!
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Why Advertise?

The SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In & Expo is the “start of the aviation / airshow season” in North America. According to many of our exhibitors, SUN ‘n FUN is a “selling” show. Many of our guests have an interest in new technologies and innovative products. Many who attend are coming out of a long winter with limited flight-time and pent-up buying interests and come to SUN ‘n FUN to be the first to find what they are looking for!

SUN ‘n FUN offers a variety of opportunities that impact the “purchase ready” pilots and aviation enthusiasts who attend each year. The variety of advertising media enables each exhibitor to design a marketing program which will support the investment each has made as an exhibitor at the show and achieve the results they expect.

What to do next…

Please review the 2017 SUN ‘n FUN Advertising Information packet pour découvrir tout promotionnels et prix disponibles. This package contains three advertising contracts; the first provides advertising for the Program Book, Info Guide and Convention Map (Our Official Souvenir Program Package). Please sure to review our discount and combo packages.

Le deuxième contrat fournit sur place et les possibilités de commercialisation de pré-événement, comme les publicités du site Web. This contract also includes on-site tram panels and refuse container panels.

By taking advantage of the opportunities on the third contract, your company can be featured on the SUN ‘n FUN air waves… broadcast on SUN ‘n FUN Radio and be a part of the show by including your promotion during a Flightline Airshow Broadcast.

Our advertising mechanical requirements can be found on the final page of this package, s’il vous plaît partager cette information avec votre concepteur d’ad.

You are also invited to visit any of the links below which will give you details and pricing on individual advertising products.

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