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    I have a C-150 I thought it would be ready to make the trip, but no luck, so if anyone has a m/t seat I will pay more then my way on any day or day’s you are flying over, I can top off your tanks at either A/P -lake city FL (LCQ) or the live oak A/P (24J) -it’s right on the way and not crowded,LCQ has a tower and 24J is non towered, just announce on “CTAF”on your way in, I would appreciate anyone that could help me w/a short hop to Linder A/P.I would like to see the air show but mainly want to look in some of the part’s hangers for some 150 part’s -NOT TO BE CARRIED IN YOUR PLANE, if I find what I need I can return in my trk the best way to set this up would be if you can just call me on the phone, at (386) 776-1401 or (907) 671-9801 Thank you so much and I guarantee it will be worth the short touch-n-go it will take -like I said I’ll pay more then my share, cash at the plane -again thank you so much

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