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Drew Pearce
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I will be attending the Sun-N-Fun airshow and will need a house starting Monday April 4th and departing on Monday April 11th. I am the crew chief for one of the airshow performers, Luca Bertossio from Italy. You can find videos of his flying on Youtube. There will be five of us total but 2 will most likely camp on the airport unless the weather is too wet. I wanted to find a place where 3 of us had beds and the other two guys (both in their 70s) could have dry floor space if needed or just changed their minds about camping. Your place looks perfect for our needs. I have no trouble paying for 5 people for the entire stay to have this option. Our ages: Two in 70’s, two in 40’s and Luca who is 25. We are all professionals in the aviation industry and are volunteering our time to make this happen for Luca. We will be on airshow grounds for most of the day and mostly just need a place to sleep at night.

How far is your house from the Lakeland Airport?

Can you email pictures and please let me know if you have any questions.

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