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Food Service Vendors

New Food Vendor Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a food vendor at the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In.

We do not have a formal application form. Because of limited food service space, it is rare for us to have new food service opportunities. We do maintain a database of potential vendors should an opening become available. To be considered, we need a basic information package on your business that must contain the following information:

Business Name

  1. Primary contact information to include: Name, address, phone number (both business and cell if available) and email address.
  2. Certificate of insurance
  3. Food vending license
  4. Product line and menu pricing
  5. Picture of your stand(s) – this is a mandatory submittal
  6. Number and size(s) of your stand(s)
  7. Number of years in business and references and/or events you have worked at in the past two years

If selected, we will also need to know the minimum power requirements for each stand, as well as the number of stock trucks and their power requirements.

Our selection process:

We offer invitations to the food vendors we would like to see return from prior year’s event.

  1. If they return their contract and deposit by the due date, their location at the event is guaranteed.
  2. If we do not extend a return invitation or if new space becomes available, we will extend an invitation to a new vendor. The vendor is selected based on stand size (will your unit fit in available space), menu for that specific location (we limit the number of similar menus in a given food court), and the look of your stand.
  3. After selection, we send a contract to the new vendor and if it is returned by the due date on the contract, their space is guaranteed. If the contract is not returned by the due date, a contract will be sent to the next vendor on the list and the vendor’s contract received first will be assigned the space.

SUN ‘n FUN FLY-IN Rules and Regulations

Failure to abide by the following SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In Rules and Regulations, which are an integral part of the Contract for Food Service, may result in the termination of this Contract, the removal of the Food Service Provider from the Fly-In site, loss of any deposit and loss of future contract opportunities.


Each Food Service Provider, at all times during the Fly-In shall have its designated Authorized Show-Site Representative available to SUN ‘n FUN for the purpose of making all decisions necessary on behalf of Food Service Provider at or during the Fly-In. Food Service Provider Authorized Show-Site Representative shall have all authority to represent and/or commit Food Service Provider at or during the Fly-In and SUN ‘n FUN may rely upon all such representations and/or commitments.


Food Service Provider Welcome Center is the SUN ‘n FUN Main Registration Building. Check in at Food Service Provider Welcome Center upon arrival.


Installation of concession locations will be permitted Monday thru Monday duri, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Access to Flightline Locations, i.e. Warbird, Ultralight, and Choppertown food courts, will not be permitted until 2:00 pm, Friday prior to the event. Food service locations must be complete by 5:00 pm Monday prior to the event and in operation by 7:00 am, Tuesday, opening day of the event. Please keep the SUN ‘n FUN representative informed of the date you plan to set up.


General show hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily and 8:00 am to 9:30 pm on Friday. Hours will vary depending on types of meals served. Breakfast hours should be 6:00 am to 10:00 am. Lunch hours should be 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Dinner hours should be 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Each food vendor’s hours of required operation will be determined based on which meals are being served and the volume of activities on the field. The above stated hours are minimum.


SUN ‘n FUN reserves the right to relocate food service locations at any time, either before or during the Fly-In.


All Food Service Providers must ensure their areas and personnel comply with all local, state, county and federal food service health safety standards and regulations. All food service areas are subject to health inspections. Violations are the sole responsibility of the food service provider. A copy of your Food Service License must be provided to Sun ‘n FUN.


The following minimum dress code has been established for food service providers at our event. T-shirts, mid-thigh length shorts and closed toe shoes are permitted. Tank tops, cut-offs or short shorts and sandals are not allowed. T-Shirts with the food service provider’s business logo are permitted. T-shirts with offensive or obscene material, as determined by SUN ‘n FUN, will not be permitted.


Breakdown and departure are NOT permitted before 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, last day of the event. Food Service Providers breaking down prior to 5:00 p.m. may be denied future space. .


Food Service Providers may install, at their own expense, special signs, displays, counters, shelving, and similar items. Signage must be reviewed and approved by SUN ‘n FUN before installation. Permanent improvements to food service facilities become the property of SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In, Inc. Improvements must be approved by SUN ‘n FUN. Food Service Providers will be reimbursed for approved improvements using an annual fixed fee or commission credit based on an amortized reimbursement schedule based established with the approval of the project.


ALL food service staff must have an entry credential (food service wristband) for access to the site. Credentials must be requested and validated by SUN ‘n FUN in advance of the event. The request form and instructions are contained in the Food Service Information Package. A designated check-in area will be provided at main registration for food service staff to pick up their credentials if they were unable to receive them in advance.


During the Fly-in, vehicle access is limited between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. All food service deliveries must be completed and delivery trucks offsite before 9:00 am. Specific delivery times have been established and are contained in the Food Service Information Package.


Food Service Providers will be issued two vehicle passes for onsite access to the food service areas. One pass for a car or light truck and one pass for a stock truck. A designated onsite parking area will be established for these vehicles. Any additional trucks and trailers must park in the designated storage lot. The allocation is based on need as determined by SUN ‘n FUN. Additional food service staff will park in the Main Parking Lot. Vehicles improperly parked will be towed at owner’s expense.


No animals of any kind are permitted in the show site area or parking areas.


The use of all terrain vehicles (ATVs), bicycles, mini-bikes, roller blades, scooters and skateboards by Food Service Providers is strictly prohibited. Golf Carts are available for rent through SUN ‘n FUN. Use of a personal golf cart by a food service provider is authorized if approved in advance by SUN ‘n FUN. HANDICAPPED PARKING: Check with Handicapped Hospitality Center at Main Registration.


Food Service Providers are permitted to camp in the SUN ‘n FUN Campground provided they pay the posted fee at Camper Registration. Campsites are on a “first come – first served” basis. All camping is dry camping (no hook-ups). Shower houses, dump stations and potable water are available at no charge. Pump out services are available for a fee. No camping is allowed in the core areas of the show site.


SUN ‘n FUN has established exclusive contracts for goods and services to be provided during the Fly-In. These contracts include, but are not limited to, beer, soft drinks, ice, food products, tents, tables and chairs. All Food Service Providers are required to purchase good and services from these companies. An exception may be allowed if the contracted company can not deliver a specific item required by the Food Service Provider’s operations. This exception must be verified and approved by the contracted company. Please contact Doug Zonner at Sysco (863-409-8433) to order food/other supplies and Karl’s (414-831-7000) for tent/table/chair rentals.


Any item depicting the SUN ‘n FUN name or trademark logos or any part thereof is prohibited and shall be confiscated by SUN ‘n FUN, unless approved by a written licensing agreement.


Food Service Providers are authorized to sublet parts of their food service operations. The Food Service Provider is solely responsible to ensure any person or entity in their food service location(s) complies with all terms of this contract and any other guidelines as established by SUN ‘n FUN. In no event shall the Food Service Provider grant to any person or entity permission to share their food service location(s) or to occupy an adjacent area. Assignment of this Contract is prohibited.


Direct solicitation of exhibitors is prohibited with the exception of joint SUN ‘n FUN and Food Service Provider marketing and promotional programs.


Security personnel will be on duty 24 hours a day beginning at 8 am, Monday, continuing through and including Sunday.


SUN ‘n FUN shall not be liable or responsible for any liability, loss, damage, or injury which may occur to the Food Service Provider, to the Food Service Provider agents, representatives, servants, employees, customers, or guests, or to the Food Service Provider property from any cause whatsoever at any time. The Food Service Provider hereby expressly releases SUN ‘n FUN from and agrees to indemnify and hold SUN ‘n FUN harmless from and against any and all claims for any such claims, liability, loss, damage, or injury. Without limiting the foregoing, SUN ‘n FUN shall not be responsible for the loss of any exhibit or part thereof because of fire or lightning, wind storm or hail, smoke, explosion, riot or civil commotion, vandalism or malicious mischief, burglary, robbery, hold-up, water damage, strike, or any accident involving damage to property or goods in transit, or for any injury that may occur to the Food Service Provider, to the Food Service Provider agents, representatives, servants, employees, customers, or guests, or to the Food Service Provider property from any cause whatsoever at any time for any exposure to any claims liability, loss, damage, or injury. Food Service Providers are required obtain, at its expense, adequate insurance coverage prior to the Fly-In to insure itself against any claims, liability, loss, damage, or injury, whether during transit or while at or during the Fly-In and provide SUN ‘n FUN proof of insurance before starting food service operations. Depending on the nature of the food service operation, the Food Service Provider may be required to list SUN ‘n FUN and its associated entities as additional insured on their policy.


Each Food Service Provider shall provide public liability and employee compensation insurance policies which shall include coverage on and to the Food Service Providers property and on and to the Food Service Providers employees, agents, representatives, servants, providers, and suppliers while such property and such employees, agents, representatives, servants, providers, and suppliers are at, on, in , entering, or leaving the Fly-In site. In addition, the public liability policy shall include coverage on and to the Food Service Providers customers, guests, and visitors at, on, in, entering, or leaving the Food Service Providers service area. The insurance policies required by this contract shall include coverage for any personal injury including death and shall name Sun n’ Fun Fly-In Inc. as an additional insured. The minimum liability amount for any such insurance policies shall be $1,000,000.00. All certificates of such insurance shall be furnished to Sun n’ Fun Fly-In Inc. as a precondition to Food Service Providers entering Sun n’ Fun Fly-In Inc. property.


Food Service Providers shall collect and pay a 7.0% Florida State Sales Tax on all sales at the Fly-In. The Florida Department of Revenue will have temporary sales tax forms in the Exhibit Office.


No smoking, explosives, inflammables, or other dangerous items will be allowed in the Food Service Areas. Decorations must be flame resistant. All Food Service Providers are required to provide the appropriate fire extinguishers as required by local, county and state fire safety standards.


This Application/Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.


In any action brought to enforce or to interpret this Contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with any appeal or certiorari proceeding, and the sole and exclusive venue of any such action shall be in the Circuit or County Court of Polk County, Florida, or in the United States District Court for the judicial district in which Polk County, Florida, is or may be located. SUN ‘n FUN and Food Service Provider renounce and waive any right to have any such controversy litigated, arbitrated, mediated or resolved by any other legal or quasi-legal proceeding in any other place whether pursuant to the doctrine of forum non conveniens or otherwise. SUN ‘n FUN and Food Service Provider renounce and waive any right whatsoever to a trial by jury. For the purposes of this Contract “any action brought to enforce or to interpret this Contract” shall be construed to mean litigation, arbitration, mediation, and any other legal or quasi-legal proceeding.


This Application/Contract shall not be modified, revised, or amended except by an instrument in writing agreed to and signed by both SUN ‘n FUN and the Food Service Provider.


If any part of this Application/Contract shall prove to be invalid or void, it shall in no manner affect or impair any of the remaining provisions of this Application/Contract which can be given effect without the invalid or void part.

SUN ‘n FUN reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to bar any exhibit, person, or entity that is not in keeping with the character or purpose of SUN ‘n FUN, as determined solely and exclusively by SUN ‘n FUN. SUN ‘n FUN is a private, non-governmental entity and controls all access to the Fly-In and all access and use of and to its property and exhibit site and reserves the right to exclude anyone at any time from the Fly-In. The signing of this Contract by the Food Service Provider on Page One is an acknowledgement of and agreement to be bound by the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In Rules and Regulations set forth above.

Approved Suppliers


GES Exposition Services
Dan Carr: 262-574-4940
Call Center: 800-475-2098


Lafayette Tent & Awning Company Pricing & Info. 


Quality Power


The Flower Cart
Contact: Maureen Shaw


Cleary’s Garden Creations
Contact: Jim Cleary


US Foods
Contact: Doug Zonner



Tent Permit Information

If you plan to bring your own tent for setup during SUN ‘n FUN, you must provide the completed forms below. 

If you rent your tent from the SUN ‘n FUN tent provider, these forms are not required.

The City of Lakeland Fire Department Tent Permit Application can be downloaded by going to, select A to Z Services Directory, select Lakeland Fire Department, click on “Permits & Inspections”, click on “Events & Special Permits” then scroll down to “Tent Erection” and download the tent permit application.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view the PDF documents.

Click here to download the City of Lakeland Building Permit.

Information can be emailed to, faxed to (863) 644-9737, or mailed to:

SUN ‘n FUN Food Service
Attn: Debi Hobbs
4175 Medulla Road
Lakeland, FL 33811-1249

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