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Facilities Rentals & Catering


Event Registration Checklist

If you wish to secure event or meeting rental space on the SUN ‘n FUN grounds, please complete to following form and submit. You will be contacted to confirm if requested event location and date are available.

Organisation Name:

Event or Meeting Name:

Event Date:

Number attending event:

Contact person:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:


Time and Room(s) Request:

Event Start Time:

Event End Time:

Event Location-1 st Choice:

Event Location 2nd Choice:

EQUIPMENT Provide Amounts and Check Items Needed
Please Note: Listed Equipment is not available in all location.

# Tables Needed:

# Chairs Needed:

Please choose all additional item needed :



CD player

Cassette player

DVD Player

Multimedia Projector

P/A System


Podium with Mic

Portable screen

Slide projector



Will food we served:

If so, do you require a caterer:

You are required to use a SUN'n'FUN Caterer,
Please choose one below:

Please choose the stile in which you would like
your room set up:

Addition set-up Information (if any):

Will alcohal be served at this event?:

Alcoholic Beverages Policy

SUN ‘n FUN requires the client to request permission in writing to serve alcohol and must also use a SUN ‘n FUN approved alcohol provider Please indicate such intent on this form. The client is responsible for upholding all laws and statutes concerning the serving of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or donations may not be solicited in exchange for alcoholic beverage certified servers for all events. Use of alcohol is restricted to wine, champagnes and beer and must be served by a licensed servers for all events.


Client and caterers are responsible for cleaning all areas used in food preparation and serving. Clients must also remove all materials used immediately following the meeting.

Additional Support

Depending on your event location and the number attending your event, additional costs may be incurred for portolets, hand washing stations, generator light towers and trash cans.

Parking entrances and exits

Check in with Security staff upon arrival to determine appropriate parking areas and delivery entrances.

Do you have an exhibitor question? Email us at or call 863 644-2431.

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