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Project: STRATOS

Project: STRATOS

Durante el 2018 SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo, we will be continuing the 5th annual Project: Concurso de ensayo STRATOS, un programa de doble propósito que premiará a estudiantes para aeroespacial basado en esfuerzos de investigación y crear conciencia y fondos para SUN ' n FUN ’ actividades educativas durante todo el año.

Se aceptarán entradas de todos de High School secundaria juniors (o estudiantes de secundaria en sus 3rd year).  De los cientos de entradas, una piscina de hasta 24 Semi-Finalists will be selected. Los semifinalistas se determinará en la forma de un concurso de ensayos de temática aeroespacial como se describe a continuación. La duración del ensayo debe ser no más de una (1) Página en 12 punto de letra Times New Roman. Tres temas principales serán disponibles:

  • People – What was their accomplishment, and why is it significant?
  • Events – What made this event significant to the evolution of aviation?
  • Aircraft/spacecraft – What made this a milestone for aviation?

From the Semi-Finalists interviews will be conducted at the Aerospace Center for Excellence for Polk County Students or via a telephone interview to determine the finalists which will be awarded the distinction of being STRATOS Squadron Ambassadors to the 2018 SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo.

Rewards for semi-finalists

  • Two free day of choice passes to SUN ‘n FUN 2018
  • Publication of their name and school in the SUN ‘n FUN Program Guide.
  • SUN ‘n FUN Keychain
  • Project STRATOS T-Shirt

Rewards for finalists

  • Possibility of a flight with one of the airshow performers
  • Participation in the All-Star Rendezvous event
  • Cámara NIKON con tarjeta de memoria
  • Four (4) Largo de la semana libre pasa a SUN n FUN 2018
  • Meet and greet / oportunidad de foto con líderes de la industria aeroespacial
  • Proyecto STRATOS polo camisa y camiseta
  • SUN ‘n FUN Key Chain
  • Interviews on Florida Aviation Network and SUN ‘n FUN Radio

Project Dates:

Tentative dates for SUN ‘n FUN 2018

  • January 11: Proyecto lanzado vía medios de comunicación
  • February 6: Ensayos son debidos. Ensayos individuales deben ser enviado por correo electrónico a along with students shirt size and picture
  • February 13-15: Semi-Finalist Interviews conducted
  • February 21: Finalists Announced

Project: STRATOS 2017 Semi- Finalistas

Después de una cuidadosa consideración, los siguientes estudiantes han sido elegidos como Semi- Finalistas para 2017 Project STRATOS:

Nathan Chandler Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Hannah Spivey Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Natalie Anderson Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Nikki Walker Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Brian Hernandez Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Olivia Correll High School secundaria de Bloomingdale

Project: Finalistas STRATOS 2017

Después de una cuidadosa consideración, los siguientes estudiantes han sido elegidos como finalistas 2017 Project STRATOS:

Roberto Locke Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Justin Dal Colletto Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Adán Saoud Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Lucas Liptak Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Pitman de Andrew Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Gianna de Azzaro Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Brigman marca Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Slade Rosemond Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Isaac Graves Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Seraías Needham Educar en el hogar familia Needham

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Join us in developing your future!

Sponsoring Project STRATOS is a direct way for your company to help SUN ‘n FUN “Create a Brighter Future through Aviation”. Our primary missionhere at SUN ‘n FUN is to introduce and guide as many young people as possible into the rewarding opportunities a career in aviation can offer. Your contribution to Project: STRATOS will help us in that mission by providingvaluable funding that will help us continue to develop your future employees, clients, and stockholders.

This year, the program will challenge students from Polk County junior classmen in the form of an aerospace-themed essay contest administered by their teachers. Three primary topics will be available for the students to choose from, with subtopics in each: Historic Aircraft, Events in Aviation, and People in Aviation.

From these participants, 10 students will be selected and awarded the distinction of being STRATOS Squadron Ambassadors to the SnF Fly-In. The winning essay will be published in the Fly-In Official Souvenir Program Guide, along with the winner’s photo and bio.

Funds from this year’s Project STRATOS campaign will go towards facilities and technology infrastructure improvements to the Florida Air Museum, its surrounding grounds and structures. Right now, the museum is undergoing a transformation from being a history center into a state-of-the-art learning experience as part of the newly named Aerospace Center for Excellence (A.C.E). STEM-based education stations are being added now that will allow students to interact and participate in real world environments that immerse them in the subject and enhance their understanding through hands-on applications.

The seven buildings that form the A.C.E. campus here on the grounds at SUN ‘n FUN are being painted and branded with new signage, a new logo, and a coordinated outreach effort to put a face on what is already a very successful program. The Central Florida Aerospace Academy (a Polk County Public High School Career Academy), Buehler Restoration Skills Center, Tom Davis Education Center, Piedmont Hangar, Crossfield Classroom Building, the Florida Air Museum, and Museum Pavilion all now form a combination of formal aerospace education and classroom extensions that are available to students from all over the world. Our year-round activities include week long aviation camps for six weeks during the summer, the annual Wings and Things Youth Aerospace Weekend, and ongoing STEM-tasticEducational programs.

Our facelift and re-imagined branding will continue this fantastic work and open doors to new funding and participation from higher education institutions, technology employers, and other critical elements in the aviation sector. Students in our programs are getting a huge head start toward becoming the next generation of pilots, mechanics, and other aviation support personnel.



$10,000 -Patrocinador principal

  • Patrocinar el nombre y el logotipo en la página de introducción para ensayo páginas publicado en el oficial el sol ‘ n divertido recuerdo programa guía: “Project: STRATOS Presented by SPONSOR NAME”
  • Anuncio como patrocinador presentando en todos los proyectos: STRATOS related announcements and events
  • Logotipo del patrocinador en camisetas de Escuadrón de STRATOS
  • Presenting Sponsor acknowledgement in Press Conference announcing Project: STRATOS en el Fly-In
  • Presentar acuse de patrocinador en comunicados de prensa anunciando el proyecto STRATOS y los ganadores antes de la mosca
  • Op de visita y Foto de la escuadrilla de STRATOS entero en exposición del patrocinador durante el vuelo
  • Listing as Presenting Sponsor in signage posted in the Florida Air Museum for one year

$2500 – Squadron Sponsor

  • Patrocinar el nombre y el logo junto a un escuadrón de STRATOS ensayo ganador foto y ensayo en oficial el sol ‘ n divertido recuerdo programa guía
  • Anuncios personalizados a aparecer bajo ensayo ganador en oficial el sol ‘ n divertido recuerdo programa guía
  • Visit and photo op from one STRATOS Squadron essay winner at Sponsor’s exhibit during the Fly-In
  • Listing as Squadron Sponsor on signage to be posted in Florida Air Museum for one year

$1000 – Crew Sponsor

  • Patrocinar el logo en la página oficial gracias el sol ‘ n divertido recuerdo programa guía
  • Listing as Crew Sponsor on signage to be posted in Florida Air Museum for one year

$500 – Associate Sponsor

  • Patrocinar el logo en la página oficial gracias el sol ‘ n divertido recuerdo programa guía
  • Listing as Associate Sponsor on signage to be posted in Florida Air Museum for one year

We hope you will join us in this new level of education interactivity. Again, these students are your future clients, employees, and shareholders. Giving them the best opportunities possible helps insure our own future by building better citizens.



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