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Handicap Services

Handicap Services

Located on the West side of the Admissions/Registration building in the Main Gate Plaza. Information is available concerning all accessibility concerns.

Handicapped parking is located as close to the ticket registration building as possible. Ayuda si tienes un cartel con discapacidad para que los asistentes de estacionamiento pueden onda en el lote. Si tienes problemas para caminar, we have a golf cart that will shuttle people from the handicapped parking lot to the ticketing window or to where you can rent a scooter (3 or 4 wheeled single-seat battery-operated motorized scooter = $65 per day).

También puede traer su propio scooter o silla de ruedas eléctrica. SUN ' n FUN seguro no permite el uso de carros de golf durante la Convención por parte del público. The types of vehicles for mobility aides allowed during SUN ’n FUN convention are:


manual or battery-powered


single seat, battery-powered, two or three or four wheeled designed for the use of a mobility-impaired person.

The person using such a device does not need special credentials or passes to bring this on to SUN ’n FUN convention grounds. If the guest does not have their own or will not be bringing it, we have scooters and manual wheelchairs available for rent on a daily basis located near main registration. ($20 for wheelchairs; $65 for scooters per day, cash or credit cards). It is advisable to make reservations in advance. Click here to make reservations online or call 888-441-7575.

* People using scooters and wheelchairs are allowed to go wherever the general public is allowed, que incluye el flightline debidamente acreditados. SUN ' n FUN motivos son muy accesibles pero gran. Therefore, the Blue Route on the transportation trams will take a person using a wheelchair or scooter along with their family and friends.


There are members who desire to camp at SUN ’n FUN but cannot do so without the use of electricity for specific medical conditions. We have a very limited number of CAMPING spots that will allow such a person to utilize and electrical outlet. These are on a first-come first-served request well in advance of the convention and backed up by medical documentation. Contact the Handicap Services Chairman (or, if you do not have the e-mail you may call (863) 690-9986.

AIRCRAFT PARKING & CAMPING (for people with disabilities):

When you arrive, mantener un letrero en su plano indicando HANDICAP PARKING o CAMPING HANDICAP y se dirigirá desde allí. Las entradas pueden adquirirse en cualquiera de los siguientes lugares: Mobile Registration, Vintage Registration, Aircraft Camping Registration or Homebuilt Registration.   If you have reserved a mobility scooter or wheelchair to use during the event, Consulte a un el sol y diversión voluntario que está equipado con una radio o un carrito de golf que le ayudarán a ponerse en contacto con el sitio de alquiler de scooter por nuestra área de admisiones principal. Si esta información no contesta sus preguntas, please e-mail us at Handicap Services (or, if you do not have the e-mail you may call (863) 690-9986.

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