SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Aerospace Center for Excellence – Wish List

 If you can help provide one of the following items, send an email to


Aerospace Discovery at the Florida Air Museum

Large Jewelry Display Cases (the type used in jewelry stores)

For our Radio Control Room Exhibit:  Navigators mission maps (over Europe), Map case, Star charts, E6B calculators, Drift calculators, Distance rulers, Flight heated clothing, head sets, 50 cal machine gun and cradle, sextant operating instructions, astrodome, Navigators table lamp, Navigators flash light, Navigators and Radio Operators wings, mission medals etc. Anything else that a B-17 navigator might have used and any personal items a Radio operator or Navigator might have hung in his compartment (eg. photos etc.)

Kids Crawl in Jet Airplane – approximately $6,000


Education Department



Emil Buehler Aerospace Skills Center


Fabric punch tester

Spark plug lead tester

Levels ( including electronic level)

RPM tester

Cable tension meter

Flying wire tension meter

Bead blast cabinet , filter hopper

Air compressor dryer

Bigger rotary compressor

Parts cleaning cabinet

Flammable storage cabinet

Storage cabinets / work benches

Rechargeable flashlights

TIG welder

Metal shear

Metal box break

Drill bits

Custom Utility bed golf cart

Aircraft start cart

Tron towbars

Planish hammer

Kick shinker/ strencher

Air drills

 Rivet guns

Angle drills

Sheet metal specialty tools

Sheet metal stock – .020, .032, .040, .063

Oil dry recycler