SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

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Inspire the next generation of Aerospace Professionals and Leaders

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Thanks to the support of our events, donors and community, SUN ‘n FUN’s Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) creates a pathway to success – through aviation –  for thousands of young people each year!

By giving to SUN ‘n FUN’s, Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE), you can help inspire and train a new generation of aviation students, leaders and innovators. Each year, philanthropic gifts support:

  • Expansions of STEM educational programming
  • Enhancement/Expansion of museum exhibits, especially interactive STEM exhibits
  • Ongoing STEM educational outreach
  • Scholarships that make camps, programs and training accessible for any young person
  • Facility and Campus Improvement to support our growing programs
  • The ACE Education Endowment Fund

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Speed ‘n Angels Wingmen Society honors annual donors of all levels.  Without these contributors, thousands of young people all over Florida and beyond would miss out on one-of-a-kind opportunities such as first-time flights, aviation summer camps, STEMtastic Day Camps, aerospace discovery and more.  And to show our gratitude, SUN ‘n FUN recognizes each and every donor by including them as part of the Speed ‘n Angels Wingmen.  


Mr. Ray’s philanthropy transformed SUN ‘n FUN, paving the way for new programs and new goals.  In recognition of his great works, SUN ‘n FUN established the James C. Ray Legacy Society to honor donors who help build our organization’s endowment fund or advance the mission of ACE through gifts from their estates. 

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If you have included SUN ‘n FUN as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan, please notify us, so that we can ensure you are included and recognized. 

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“The Aerospace Center for Excellence opens you up to a world of passion and family and experiences you can’t get anywhere else, and I will forever be grateful to the people there for helping guide me where I am today.” Lexi is currently performing maintenance on F-15 Fighter Jets for the United States Air Force in Okinawa, Japan.
Lexi Wines
“If I hadn’t of ended up at CFAA, my character wouldn’t be the same. I wouldn’t have met so many older pilots and instructors or know what type of degree I wanted. Now that I look back, I would definitely do it all over again.”
Angel Cabrera