SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - May 5 - 10, 2020

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Camp Duffy Campground

Camp Duffy

Camp Duffy Nomination Form

The Camp Duffy Campground is reserved for those long-term volunteers who have helped SUN ‘n FUN become the world class event that it is today.  Eligible campers are: Pioneers, Directors, Chairmen, Co-Chairman and Volunteers, who have provided six years of active full-time volunteer service in a leadership role to the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In and staff members as designated space is available.

Please click on the Camp Duffy Nomination link and complete the form to nominate a volunteer who works for you in your volunteer area.  Please keep in mind that this request will be reviewed and if the nominated volunteer meets the requirements, space will be approved on a “as space is available” basis.


Camp Duffy Camp Space Confirmation

Please use the link above to confirm the date of your return to Camp Duffy for the current year fly-in.  This form will help us determine space availability for the current year.  If for some reason, you cannot return for the current fly-in, please let us know by completing this form.

SUN ‘n FUN RV Storage Request

Please use the link above to submit a request to storage your camper unit in Camp Duffy year-round.  Note: You must have an approved space in Camp Duffy and have also completed a Camp Duffy application/registration for next year’s fly-in in place before you complete your storage request.


Academy of Aviation
Florida Air Museum
Liberty University 2020
David Clark
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