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Islands of the Bahamas

2019 SUN 'n FUN / Bahamas Fly-Out

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So Close, and So Simple!

Flying The Bahamas is truly simple, well within the capabilities of most certified, experimental, and even light sport single engine aircraft. Leaving the Florida east coast, first landfalls occur at Grand Bahama Island (60 NM) or Bimini (50 NM). More than 63 airports on over 12 islands are in most GPS databases, and overlapping VOR/DME and NDB signals provide course guidance from the US coast and throughout the most frequently traveled routes in The Bahamas.

Flying Your Aircraft to The Bahamas

SUN ‘n FUN has partnered with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to help pilots fly to The Bahamas. Select one of these exciting, unique Bahamas experiences from the list below for details on how to make this easy flight to a pilot’s vacation paradise!

Out Islands Adventure

Relaxing, fun-filled activities away from all the commercial disctractions!

Exciting Getaway!

Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing in the deep blue waters, or just lay in a hammock with a refreshing drink and doze to the sound of crashing waves and seagulls. Click here to learn more!

Beach Villa Vacation

Wide-open beaches, kayaking, shelling, home-cooked meals and more!

Stunning Beauty, Quiet, and Remote

If you want to just relax, take in a sunset, sleep until noon, do a little paddleboarding, and never wear shoes, this is your vacation. Click HERE to learn more!

Upscale Resort

Fine dining, nightlife, and Bahamas hospitality are all part of the experience!

Swim, Spa, Shop, Sail!

Pamper yourself – you’ve earned it! Shop, have a massage, watch the yachts, dine in your room, or party on the beach after a volleyball game. Click here to learn more!

Incredible Bonefishing

World-class guided fishing experience to catch the elusive bonefish!

The Ultimate Angler's Adventure!

Bonefishing brings together skill, finesse and stealth like no other form of fishing, and The Bahamas is home to the finest set of bonefish guides in the world. Click HERE to learn more!

Diving / Snorkeling

Dive into Blue Hole caves or skim along gorgeous reefs!

Crystal Clear Undersea Adventure

The Bahamas have some of the world’s most dramatic and exciting underwater experiences. Literally millions of fish, miles of caverns, shipwrecks and rock formations await. Click HERE to learn more!

Before You Go, Download and Review the “Flying to The Bahamas” Presentation: 

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SUN ‘n FUN Group Fly-Outs to The Bahamas! 

We regularly announce group fly-outs from the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus to the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas! If you are interested in staying informed on these events then click the link below to sign up for our mailing list:

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