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Islands of the Bahamas

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So Close, and So Simple!

Flying The Bahamas is truly simple, well within the capabilities of most certified, experimental, and even light sport single engine aircraft. Leaving the Florida east coast, first landfalls occur at Grand Bahama Island (60 NM) or Bimini (50 NM). More than 63 airports on over 12 islands are in most GPS databases, and overlapping VOR/DME and NDB signals provide course guidance from the US coast and throughout the most frequently traveled routes in the Bahamas.

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SUN ‘n FUN has partnered with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to help pilots fly to The Bahamas. Our own Mike Zidziunas (“Mike Z”) is an official Bahamas Flying Ambassador, and will gladly walk you step-by-step through the easy process of flying your own aircraft to these beautiful islands.

Mike Z. – (941) 915-8883,

Download the “Flying to the Bahamas” Presentation: 


SUN ‘n FUN Fly-Out to the Bahamas! 

Coming soon, we will officially announce a group fly-out from the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus to the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas! More information will be posted soon, so if you are interested in staying informed on this event then click the link below to sign up for our mailing list:

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