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Support the Museum

Florida Air Museum

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Family of Funds

The Florida Air Museum’s Family of Funds supports our annual operations, enabling us to to be the premier showcase for Florida’s aviation history through exhibits, restoration and preservation, education and outreach, and to share the passion of flight with all ages.

Please consider making an investment today in the year-round programs of the Florida Air Museum. All investors will be recognized in the Museum’s annual report. Please invest today!

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Allows spontaneous response to the Florida Air Museum’s greatest needs for funding to better serve our mission.

The scholarship fund helps keep the Florida Air Museum affordable for everyone, and provides special opportunities for those who might not otherwise be able to attend through free and subsidized memberships and admissions, internships, camperships, and teacher training. It also supports college scholarships for deserving students pursuing aviation and aerospace careers.

Facilitates curriculum, program development and delivery for a wide range of education programs including “Museum in the Schools” in-classroom presentations to every grade level; “Wings ‘n Things” scouting weekend; support for the new Central Florida Aerospace Academy (high school) on campus; the “Future Eagles” high school club; museum tours for students, adults and seniors; and Hall of Fame, Aviation Adventures lecture series, International Museum Day, Pre-Flight Night, Space Day, and many other activities.

Ensures a steady stream of publications, e-newsletters, Website, and promotional opportunities to keep constituents and the Central Florida community informed with timely information about opportunities for fun and education at the Florida Air Museum.

Enhances the beauty, functionality and safety of the Florida Air Museum’s 200+ acres, including the Nature Trail preserve, campground, and nearly 100,000 square feet of facilities.

Provides a varied guest experience by presenting visiting and seasonal exhibits about a wide variety of topics. Keeps permanent exhibits and display aircraft updated, well-maintained and operating smoothly. Provides materials, expertise and facilities to protect and preserve valuable artifacts such as the objects, papers and photographs of the historic Howard Hughes Collection and in the Museum Library.

Underwrites materials and supplies used by the amazing cadre of skilled volunteers who restore and rebuild classic and historic aircraft in our Buehler Restoration Skills Center. Also supports programs that teach restoration skills to staff, volunteers and the public.

Presents a variety of educational and fund raising events at the Florida Air Museum, many with special marketing value to sponsors. Includes the Florida Hall of Fame, Aviation Adventures lecture series, International Museum Day, Pre-Flight Night, Space Day, and many other activities.

Provides current hardware, software and support for cutting edge education programming as well as administrative effectiveness for staff.

Unlocks potential for greater community impact by keeping staff informed and trained in the latest aviation developments, educational strategies, and professional skills needed to effectively support the Florida Air Museum’s mission.