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Educational Facilities

 The Aerospace Center for Excellence (A.C.E.)

SUN ‘n FUN’s core commitment to education through the pursuit of aviation is ever more visible on the 30 acre Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) educational corridor.  ACE is home of 11 buildings dedicated towards year-round educational programming.   Highlights include: 

  • Aerospace Discovery at Florida Air Museum, the official aviation museum of the State of Florida, 
  • The Piedmont Aerospace Experience, a fully functional Boeing 727 Classroom
  • Central Florida Aerospace Academy, a public high school with aerospace focused curriculum and 100% graduation rate
  • Lakeland AeroClub, the largest high school flying club in the world

Additionally, all of our buildings are available for facility rentals.  We have hosted intimate meetings for board meetings, large weddings, and international conventions. 

Its important to note that all the profits from SUN ‘n FUN and facility rentals go directly back into educational opportunities.  ACE and SUN ‘n FUN annually contribute over $450,000 in scholarships towards young men and women furthering their aerospace education dreams. 


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World Class Educational Facilities


Its the first day of school and you look at your class schedule and it says 4th period is located in the 727? Is this a misprint? At the Aerospace Center for Excellence this will become a reality.

The unveiling of the Piedmont Aerospace Experience will take place at the 41st SUN ‘n FUN in April of 2015 and will be ready for student occupation starting August 2015.

The Piedmont Aerospace Experience was made possible by a donation of a Boeing 727-100 aircraft from the FedEx. The name of the airplane was affectionately called “Paul”

The Aerospace Center for Excellence was fortunate to receive a donation from the Tom Davis family and another anaymous donor to renovate this former freighter into a state of the art classroom to be used by students from all over Polk County, Florida, and the world.

This aircraft is fully functional (landing gear inop) and students will learn the correct way to power up this multi million dollar jet weighing in at over 80,000 lbs. This will all be done under the supervision of qualified industry professionals and allow students on our campus to have an incredible experience which will benefit them as they develop their aerospace careers.

There is no other classroom like this in the world located on a high school campus and none of this could have happened with out the support of our dedicated volunteer staff that put in over 2,000 hours restoring and renovating this project.

The Piedmont Aerospace Lab is where the youth aerospace club Future Eagles meets. It also serves as the home of our educational programs and summer camps.

In addition, the Piedmont Aerospace Lab functions as an auxiliary hangar where airplanes can be brought inside for an up close learning experience.


The Tom Davis Education Center, funded by the family trust of the founder of Piedmont Airlines, with additional support from the State of Florida, was dedicated at the 2005 Fly-In and houses summer camp and many other educational programs.

The Davis Center also hosted the first residential (overnight) summer camp session for students during 2007. The Tom Davis Center plays an integral role in our summer camps program. With two dormitories and a full kitchen over 200 campers call this their home for our week long summer camp experience.

The Davis Center is also utilized by our “Early Bird” Volunteer staff as a kitchen in preparations for the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In. Here our staff and volunteers have a chance to relax and enjoy lunch. We work together as one big family and enjoy lunch together as one big family.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities please contact Robin McFarland at

Click Here For Summer Camp Info


The Crossfield Aerospace Center is the former home of the Central Florida Aerospace Academy. After construction of the new building we are able to use this as an annex to the educational goals of Central Florida Aerospace Adacemy.

Our newest occupants include Traviss Career Center where students and adult learners can achieve their Airframe and Powerplant Certificate while utilizing our classroom space.

There is also a working wood shop and a simulator bay which can be used for educational efforts as well.

Additional Tenants include:

*Carlisle will host events on the SUN ‘n FUN campus starting in November 2015


The Aerospace Pavilion can accommodate large symposium series hosted by the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

Here guests are welcomed by the outdoor venue in an engaging environment of static aircraft and engine displays.

The Pavilion has played host to many amazing speakers:

  • NBAA, AOPA, HAI, and EAA leaders during SUN ‘n FUN 2014
  • SR-71 Pilots
  • The Blue Angels

The Eickhoff Conference room is located on the 2nd floor of the Aerospace Pavilion and offers an amazing view of the SUN ‘n FUN campus. This room also serves as a classroom for our youth summer camps.

ACE-and-Museum-airThis page is currently under construction

Visit and learn about Florida’s unique aviation history with current state of the art technology. Interactive learning stations as a part of formal aerospace education are offered to guests from all over the world. STEM-based education stations allow visitors to interact and participate in real world environments that immerse them in the subject and enhance an understanding through hands-on applications.

One of a kind exhibits can be found such as:

  • The Florida Aviation Hall of Fame
  • The Howard Hughes collection
  • Innovations in Propulsion
  • Aerospace Research Attic
  • Signature Flight Support FBO
  • Air Racing Simulations
Central Florida Aerospace Academy (C.F.A.A.) is a workforce academy of Polk County Public Schools.  This high school has an aerospace focused curriculum and has received National Accreditation for its outstanding educational programs.  Its one of only 3 schools in the State of Florida to receive this distinction. 

CFAA currently has 350 students enrolled and has tracks in aerospace, avionics, engineering, and airframe.  Aditinoally, their JROTC program ranks in the top 5% nationally.  Students attending CFAA also can earn dual enrollement credits at Polk State College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

To find out more about CFAA please visit

ACE is proud to have the Lakeland AeroClub as part of the Aerospace Center for Excellence.  This unique club is th elargest high school flying club in the WORLD with membership over 80 students.   Young men and women in this club build and fly their own aircraft under the supervision of qualified instructors/teachers.

Each year the efforts of these young men and women are rewarded as they take the airplane they built and fly it over 1000 miles to Oshkosh to participate in AirVenture.

Additionally, these young men and women have their own grass strip runway to operate from. 

To learn more about the Lakeland AeroClub please visit /