SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo - March 31 - April 5, 2020

As the summer winds down, the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) is looking back on one of the most successful summer camp sessions in recent history. While running from the middle of June until the beginning of August, the camps were consistently full at 117% capacity. The camps allowed the students to enjoy full days of the educational programs ACE is known for. Robb Williams, the Executive Director of the Aerospace Center for Excellence believes parents can’t beat the experience children gain while participating in the camps for the amount of money spent.

“Summer camps at the Aerospace Center for Excellence are the best value for your money in the United States,” Williams said.

Richele Floyd, the Educational Director on the ACE campus, began her first day at work halfway through the summer camps. Floyd was overjoyed with her experience and is already coming up with new ideas for next year’s camps.

“The summer programs at ACE are unlike any other,” Floyd began. “Here, young people develop problem solving skills, gain confidence, and are able to explore their interest in aviation.”

Parents are happy with the experience their children received as well. Jack Mason, parent of a summer camp attendee, is thrilled with the summer camp his son attended.

“I was thrilled with the experience that my son accumulated through his participation in aviation camp,” Mason said. “Simply amazed at all he had accomplished within just one week, and highly recommend this camp to strengthen any enthusiasm for aviation.”

Ty Trotter is glad his mother convinced him to attended camp.

“This summer Aviation camp is like no other,” Trotter says. “Every day I was looking forward to learning something new and developing life tools. Like how to navigate with a compass or read a map. The 2 hour road trip to fly the plane with flight safety was definitely worth the drive. When I was finally given control of the aircraft I felt confident in what I was doing. Before coming to the camp I told my mother Ii didn’t want to go to another summer camp. But this one is totally worth going to.”

The Aerospace Center for Excellence is looking forward to providing the best summer camp experiences on the ground and in the sky once again next year. To learn more about ACE educational programs, including summer camps and the upcoming Aerospace Discovery Weekend, please contact Richele Floyd at or call (863) 904-4073.

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