WPFS Yard Sale Reservation

WPFS Fly-Buy Yard Sale Space

December 3, 2016

Thanks for your interest in being a part of our 1st Annual Fly-Buy Yard Sale during WPFS.  There are a limited number of 15′ x 15′ exhibit spaces available for rent during the event, so hurry and secure your space today!  We look forward to your participation!

Applications can be submitted online or by mail.  If you would like to submit your application by mail, please CLICK HERE to download a hard copy of the Yard Sale Space registration.  Click here for a Yard Sale Q & A.

Once WPFS organizers receive your application, you will be provided more information on access, setup and updated event information as we get closer to the show.

If you prefer to use the online form to submit your yard sale reservation, please complete the form below, and click SUBMIT.   Finish the process by completing your yard sale space purchase on the next page.

For Info Contact: Stephanie Glazer at 863.226-1106 X 207 or yardsale@flysnf.org.

WPFS Yard Sale Space Reservation

  • Setup Info:
  • Setup Begins: 7:00 a.m. | Display Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. NO VEHICLES ALLOWED ON EVENT SITE DURING DISPLAY HOURS. Display Space: 15' x 15' = $25 - no electric or water. By clicking on submit below will take you to our online purchase site.
  • Items Not Permitted:
  • Livestock or domestic animals, firearms, smoking or drug paraphernalia, racial, religious or culturally offensive materials, or any items deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly event. Commercial displays are not permitted in the Yard Sale display area.
  • Reserving Yard Sale Space:
  • Full payment will reserve a Yard Sale space in the area set aside to conduct the Yard Sale, reservation does not guarantee any particular space. Spaces will be assigned upon arrival on the morning of the event. WPFS organizers reserves the right to relocate any Yard Sale Participant to another sales location at any time, either before or during the event. WPFS/SUN 'n FUN reserves the right in its sole and exclusive discretion to bar any exhibit, person or entity that is not in keeping with the character or purpose of SUN 'n FUN, as determined solely and exclusively by SUN 'n FUN. SUN 'n FUN is a private, non-governmental entity and controls all access to the event and all access and use of and to its property and exhibit site and reserves the right to exclude anyone at any time from the event. The Internal Revenue Service has determined the SUN 'n FUN is a tax exempt entity pursuant to section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code.
  • I agree that the When Pigs Fly South organizers, partners and sponsors shall not be held responsible for any accidents or theft on the premises during the event. I understand the show will be held rain or shine and NO Refunds will be provided. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Questions may be directed to Stephanie Glazer | 863-863-226-1106 X 207 | yardsale@flysnf.org | Fax: 863-646-9651