Transition to the Sky

Preparing to Travel

Transition to the Sky is a new program offered at the Aerospace Center for Excellence that is designed to prepare people with special needs and their families for future air travel.

Learn what it is like to experience every step and participate in routine passenger tasks.


  • Airport Arrival
  • Check-in and Ticketing
  • Security Screening
  • Gate and Departure Lounge
  • In-Flight Simulation
  • Baggage Claim

Parents and caretakers of children or adults with special needs often face difficulties as a result of balancing the needs of their child or adult with the common stressors of an airport. To make the travel experience as enjoyable as possible, preparation is key. Transition to the Sky will create confident, comfortable, and acclimated individuals that are ready for future air travel.

“I have to admit that we have always been nervous about flying because we were afraid of all the “unknowns”. An airport can be an overwhelming place for anyone, much less someone with autism. This program gave me an opportunity to watch him move through all the different stations and observe his behaviors. I think he had a GREAT time! He was like a sponge, especially when the pilot was talking about what to expect when you are on a plane. I think all the participants learned a lot and I feel so much better about actually going to an airport.”

– Kerri Callaham

Join us on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus in Lakeland, FL to learn to overcome any obstacles of flying in a fun and supportive way

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