Speaker’s Bureau

SUN ‘n FUN Speaker’s Bureau

We have a fabulous story to share and we need your audience! If you have an aviation club, a civic organization or need a speaker, please consider an invitation to hear the SUN ‘n FUN story. Your organization will have the opportunity to learn about our year round youth education programs, lecture series and special events as well as the plans for next year’s 43rd Annual International Fly-In & Expo.

SUN ‘n FUN is not just Florida’s largest Fly-In & Expo; it’s a commitment to the future. Contact us (863-904-4012 or fly-info@sun-n-fun.org) to arrange for a speaker. If you’d like someone to fly-in to your event in the State of Florida, email us at fly-info@sun-n-fun.org. We need your ear. NO FEES!

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