Do you ever wonder what life would have been like if a special friend had not been in it? We at SUN’n FUN know that without James C. Ray we would definitely not be as successful as we are today. Just before dawn this morning, James launched on his final flight west to join all the other great aviators in “Heaven’s Hangar”. Though he is no longer physically with us, his legacy will forever be witnessed by all the young men and women that he touched and ultimately changed through his selfless philanthropy and personal coaching. He “filed the flight plans and fueled the planes” that made it possible for so many kids to become young adults with a passion for success and be able to reach the highest level of their personal best. Our Aerospace Center for Excellence and the Lakeland Aero Club would still be on the drawing boards if it were not for James insight, involvement, and motivation, all of which led them to be the benchmark for youth aviation education programs in America. I can say without reservation, we will all miss the “old curmudgeon”, but our lives will forever be brighter because of him.