Frank Klatt et sa femme Bonnie ont commencé à faire du bénévolat à SUN ' n FUN plusieurs années auparavant et a déménagé dans le terrain de camping de lève-tôt où ils sont restés pendant environ huit ans. Now they reside in the City of Lakeland in an over 55 Communauté. Ils sont sont portés volontaires de nombreux postes au cours des années, depuis le centre de médias au coin des auteurs, 25th Anniversaire du lancement première navette, and more before moving to the museum full time.

Frank a appliqué son 44 years of career experience in aviation and rockets to help create both the Space Exhibit and the Innovations in Propulsion exhibit, Quelles fonctions 15 engines from the earliest jet to the ion engine. He found an 11 ft. grande fusée Jupiter dans un Sanford, Florida salvage yard, and that was the beginning. He added various models and lots of artifacts of his own to make an outstanding exhibit on man’s ventures into space.

He is happiest sharing his knowledge with all who visit the museum and wish to talk to him about the two exhibits and his experiences, which include an amazing three engineering degrees, many years of employment at Rocketdyne, and serving as an associate program manager on the space shuttle main engine. He also served in the U.S Coast Guard during World II and as an Air Force officer in the Korean War.

Thank you, Frank, pour partager votre passion pour l'aéronautique avec nos visiteurs et la prochaine génération de professionnels de l'aéronautique et des dirigeants!