Seminarios de seguridad de FAA en sol ‘ n FUN

Saturday, February 25, 2017, a partir de las 10:00 Eastern Standard Time


Our first topic, “Personal Minimumsis the subject matter of the month as prescribed by the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee. The usual materials on this subject sometimes do not go far enough. Our speaker will expand on the usual ideas and relate them to real world situations. Personal minimums are not just about pilot skillthey are so much more. The presentation is recommended for pilots of all experience. Come learn why airlines maintain a better safety track record than general aviation and how we can use that to improve GA safety.

The second topic of our event, “Practical Airspace for 2017is not simply a rehash of a much discussed topic. Our speaker will review basic airspace characteristics AND will couple them with an emphasis on the practical aspects. Topics of discussion include: Florida airspace, VFR operations in class B airspace, class D airports with TRSA, differentiating class E and G airspace and ATC handoff procedures. The information provides an excellent review for both VFR and IFR pilots, as well as student pilots.

Este evento está diseñado para ser una experiencia interactiva de audiencia. Por favor, traiga sus preguntas y participar en la discusión!

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For more information, please contact, Mark Ducorsky, Phone: (863) 226-3595,

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For more information, please contact, Mark Ducorsky, Phone: (863) 226-3595,

Ubicación de seminarios:
Centro de seguridad de la FAA (Oficina de campo de Orlando)
4425 SUN ' n FUN Road
Lakeland, FL 33811

Cómo llegar a lugar: El centro de seguridad de la FAA (nuevo nombre: Oficina de campo de Orlando) está situado en el SUN n FUN Expo Campus en la esquina de Laird Drive y el sol y camino de la diversión. Foros de entrada están en el lado oeste del edificio.

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