About Our Scholarship Programs

SUN ‘n FUN and the Florida Air Museum are both 501 (c) 3 corporations. In accordance with our mission statement we believe in developing the next generation of aerospace professionals.

This can not happen without education. SUN ‘n FUN and the Florida Air Museum annually give over $400,000 in scholarships through the Aerospace Center for Excellence.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed as we are proud to announce that as of March 2015 over 100 scholarships have been awarded to young men and women. Many of these have pursued their dream of becoming a pilot. With financial assistance given by the Aerospace Center for Excellence over 50 of these students have soloed an aircraft resulting in more than 40 private pilots with over 40 scholarships in progress. Many of these students have gone on to further their education at the university level and are now beginning their careers as young professionals.

Nobody else in the United States can claim the success stories that we share in at the Aerospace Center for Excellence. We are proud of these young men and womens accomplishments.

You can see each students solo being honored at the entrance to Central Florida Aerospace Academy on the Flight Path to Success.

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Florida Air Museum Scholarship


GPA: 3.00
Number awarded: 1 (per school year)
Community service hours required: 100
Scholarship amount: $2000
Distribution of funds: $1000 year for 2 years
(based on verification of GPA)

Scholarship overview:

Student must plan to pursue an aerospace or aviation-related major at an accredited college or university. Student must demonstrate financial need and service to the community. Students should have a minimum of 100 community service hours. Preference will be given to students who are or have been Florida Air Museum and/or SUN ‘n FUN Volunteers.

For more information please visit The Polk Education Foundation or call 863-534-0500

James C. Ray Scholarship

The Central Florida Aerospace Academy Foundation, Inc. (CFAAF) is very proud to administer the James C. Ray Scholarship Fund.

Applicants seeking grants from the Scholarship Fund will be evaluated on many factors, including, (but not limited to) GPA, community service history, extracurricular activities and personal recommendations from teachers and employers, and a personal interview during the application process. Eligible students must be a Polk County Public or Private High School Student or equivalent home schooled student residing in Polk County. A key element of the application is a short, thoughtful essay about the applicant, his/her career aspirations and the reason(s) for pursuing flight training. Detailed criteria can be found on the application form available at

Top Gun Scholarship

The Top Gun Citation of Merit is presented to the graduating Senior student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding scholastic accomplishment, exemplary character and motivating leadership during their tenure at Central Florida Aerospace Academy. The Top Gun honoree has been an example to others in not only academic excellence, but in service to their community. They have also been regular and visible participants in aviation related programs and events. The Top Gun’s standout performance and work ethic in all areas define them as an influential moving force in the future of the aerospace industry, supporting the SUN ‘n FUN and Aerospace Center for Excellence mission of building “A Brighter Future Through Aviation.”